Our Ethos

Grow Your Apparel Know-how

From tie dying to screen printing, patchwork to making jackets, we offer a range of workshops aimed to cultivate your passion for clothing.

Out of our home, based in Falmouth above Two Kings Vintage, book into one of our workshops and expand your apparel knowledge. (Some classes may have added extras, please see below)


Our EthosScreen printing with James extras.

Print Your Own Design
After booking your screen printing workshop head over to the upload page and submit a single color image for proofing. Then at the beginning of your workshop class you'll see your image ready to be exposed to the silk screen.
Print On Your Own Garment
Pick out an item of your own clothing and bring it down to your booked screen printing class. We can print onto most fabrics but if you're unsure take a picture and email it to enquiries and we'll let you know.
Double Print
Print on two different areas of your chosen garment. Using the graphics from the MG screen, or your own design, print on the front and back of your garment or try something a little more experimental.